Easy, intuitive and free lab management system for all research facilities.

Reporting & Billing


Track & Analyse

lab equipment

Have an overview of all equipment bookings and technical service orders in a single calendar. Our graphs assist you with keeping track of equipment utilisation, lab members and income. We also provide CSV files, so you can customise your analyses.

Projects (inc. grant/funding codes)
Enforce using grant/funding codes for each equipment booking by a lab member or guest.

The CSV files will enable your financial controller for uncomplicated recharging. Any payments for equipment usages or service orders from external users will be managed by us - no money chasing or delayed payments.

Explore all features and request a demo or talk to the Bookkit Team if you have any questions.



All booking information can be downloaded as a .CSV file for recharging or general analysis such as scientific equipment utilisation. 

To find out more information about reports, request an example here.

scientific equipment booking

Projects & funding codes

lab management system

Keep an overview of all projects in your lab, make sure that the correct grant codes are available to the right users and spend less time chasing payments. 

Options /Features Include:

  • Create unlimited projects and assign grant codes to your lab users or let them use their own.

  • Set an expiry date and amount for each  grant code to make sure they are valid and to avoid overspending by lab users.  Grant codes can be made mandatory for lab users who want to make a booking.

  • Recharge lab users in a smart and easy way by tracking which grand code(s) have been used for each booking and which booking has been paid with a particular funding code. 

Project information (such as supervisor name, grant code(s) and funding body) that has been used for booking lab equipment  is stored in the reports and can be used by the finance team to recharge users.