Easy, intuitive and free lab management system for all research facilities.

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Bookkit is Clustermarket’s easy-to-use lab management system. It helps organising equipment and service bookings from students, researchers and technicians within your laboratory and university. Bookkit is a lab booking system for all academic research facilities and industrial laboratories that want to manage their lab infrastructure in the most efficient way. Find out more about the set of features below. If it does not suit your requirements, contact us and we will be able to tell you if your feature(s) will be developed soon.


Manage your team/lab

Manage all current lab users and invite new users. Assign roles such as technician, student and researcher to assign responsibilities and authorisation. Add users and equipment to groups to summarise access rights and booking schedules. Keep an overview of trained, untrained and temporary users.

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Manage your resources

Control equipment access for your lab members and external users including commercial clients and/or other academics. Set rules for booking times, durations, cancellations and approvals. Add and update equipment information with ease including pictures, manuals and protocols.

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Messaging & Communication

Communicate with your lab users via our integrated messaging system: announcing downtimes, maintenance scheduling, breakdowns or any other information to everyone, specific groups or individual members.

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Reports & Billing

Have an overview of all equipment bookings and technical service orders in a single calendar. Our graphs assist you with keeping track of equipment utilisation, lab members and income. We also provide CSV files, so you can customise your analyses. The CSV files will enable your financial controller for uncomplicated recharging. Enforce using grant/funding codes for each equipment booking by a lab member or guest.

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More commercial work - The Clustermarket Marketplace

If you are interested in increasing your facility’s or company’s commercial exposure and generating additional income, you will be able to promote services and equipment access to companies and academics. If you choose to allow external scientists to access your equipment themselves, you will be able to enforce training, safety inductions, technical guidance or other add-ons directly via the platform.

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