Easy, intuitive and free lab management system for all research facilities.

Manage Lab Members


Manage your team/lab

Manage all existing lab users and invite new users. Assign specific authorisation and responsibilities to fellow team members such as technicians, students and researchers. Add/remove users and equipment to allocated groups whilst access rights and booking schedules adjusted appropriately. Maintain an overview of trained, untrained and temporary users.


Invite users

Users can be defined as members of your own lab, other labs or visiting researchers from external organisations.

Booking rules

The platform enables you to set your own booking rules/guidelines. This allows you to easily control and monitor the accessibility of your scientific equipment.


Keep an overview of your lab users if they are trained on specific equipment.



Invite new lab users

Inviting new lab users is easy and straightforward with Bookkit. New users can either register themselves and request access or receive an invitation to join your lab. Bookkit offers different types of accounts designed specifically for students, technicians and researchers. These accounts come with their own unique features and access rights.

New users can access into your laboratory in 3 easy steps! The invited user just needs to select a password to get access to their account.


1. Select account type for new user

2. Sent invite to new user

3. Define access rights for new user


Booking rules & Training

Define booking rules for individual users or a group of users and/or instruments. Get full flexibility and transparency to manage scientific equipment bookings in your lab. Decide if booking approvals are needed, set a maximum amount of bookable hours per person or develop a cancellation policy. You can also set different schedules for trained and untrained users or deny access to certain lab instruments for individuals or groups of users.

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