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More Commercial Work 


Clustermarket - The Marketplace

Clustermarket’s marketplace is designed to give research facilities/labs the opportunity to promote their resources to external businesses, other universities or even international collaboration partners. The facilities decide if and when external parties can access equipment or request their technical services. 

More commercial activities 
If you are interested in increasing your facility’s commercial exposure and generating additional income, you will be able to promote services and equipment access to companies and academics. If you choose to allow external scientists to access your equipment themselves, you will be able to enforce training, safety inductions, technical guidance or other add-ons directly via the platform. This makes equipment sharing secure and convenient for everyone. Currently, you can offer your services and access to equipment to scientists in more than 550 organisations. 

  • More industry engagement by promoting your resources to the Clustermarket community on the marketplace. Receive additional income to cover service and maintenance costs.

  • Minimised admin work by using Clustermarket’s POs, invoices and pre-negotiated contracts. Additional contracts can be easily managed on the platform and Clustermarket takes care of the entire billing process. 

  • Spend less time organising equipment access and technical service requests. 

  • Generate impact outside your organisation and