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Lab booking system
for academia

Research institutions, universities and academic labs are using different tools and processes to manage lab activities, equipment bookings, instrument access and recharging. It is extremely challenging to find a solution that provides a university/institute/department wide solution to manage resources in an easy way. Bookkit is an affordable and easy-to-implement solution that helps not just core facilities, it is also a good fit for research groups and can promote university-,faculty and department-wide equipment sharing.


Bookkit | University-wide solution

Bookkit | Faculty- & Department-wide

Bookkit | Single-lab solution


university-wide | Faculty & Department-wide | Single Lab

Bookkit is an easy to implement lab booking system and it is the perfect solution for a university wide software. Its intuitive usability targets core facilities, research facilities of any size and research groups. Different lab booking solutions within a faculty or department are building silos. The lack of transparency and the use of different tools increase the time that needs to be spend on administrative tasks, inventory and procurement. Already single labs can benefit from a lab management software. Bookkit can be used by labs of any size. ….

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